Imagine a place where...

Food is grown locally and sold locally. No more chemically ripened food at the store, just real fresh food.

Responsible use of water is built into the system.

There is a strong economy built on the principles of capitalism.

Local currency thrives and boosts economic power.

There are jobs for everyone and families don't have to have multiple jobs just to get by.

Products are made here by our own people, not in foreign nations.

Recycling is used commonly, and garbage and waste are converted into usable products.

The power grid is strong and localized, thus preventing widespread effects if one part is damaged.

Traffic is reduced through public transportation, and vehicles run on clean and environmentally friendly fuel systems.

Adults and children are not subject to the dumbing down of the general population.

Education is not rigid, but is custom tailored to each student's needs.

Can you envision a place where these things are true; where everyone has something important to contribute? Can you imagine the important role you will play in bringing about these changes?

If you can then you've caught the vision of the Deseret Region. Now go share it with others.